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Optimizing the organizational structure

"Having an optimized staff, tailored to the needs of our business, can help in bad times like the present."

Many companies define their business strategy, implement systems of quality and excellence, and believe that people are their greatest asset. How many, however, have truly adapted their organizational model? How many have considered whether their organizational structure is really best suited to their type of business, and whether they are really making the most of their potential? Having an optimized staff, tailored to the needs of our business, can help in bad times like the present.

There are two types of organizational structure: formal and informal, each of them affected by different factors in such a way that they must complement each other for the proper functioning of the organization. Formal structure is what we say we are, what we draw in the organigram, what we manage, what we “proceduralise”, and it depends upon factors such as formal communication, control systems, skills management, and compensation systems.

Informal structure is what we really are and how we really do things. It is more action-oriented, more spontaneous, more alive and changing, and it depends upon factors such as leadership, delegation, recognition, informal communication, culture, and teamwork.

In order to change the organizational structure and optimize it with the goal of maximizing the value contributed by the people within the organization, it is the informal structure that we must work on, on the factors affecting this structure so as to transform it into to the kind of formal structure we want.

It is only by accepting what we are that we can take steps towards the organizational structure that best suits our business model. And your company - what is it really like?

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